Best Practices for Espresso and Coffee Brewing

Coffee Brewing is a critical method for the flavors, characteristics, and authenticity of the coffee. Its optimum application and processing can make coffee a delight. Here are some useful tips to ponder when brewing your espresso to get perfection and tasteful results-

  1. Fresh Coffee beans

To get an aromatic and flavorful cup, always grind coffee beans freshly and at the time of coffee brewing. The freshly grounded coffee beans give the coffee a perfect taste and density. These can retain aromatic compounds and CO2 that otherwise gets released in the roasting process.

As critical as it is to grind fresh beans, it is also vital to store them at the right temperature, humidity, and environment. Grinding fresh beans with proper storage facilities can affect your coffee taste to degrees.

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  1. Coffee Grinder

With concentrating efforts on choosing the right type of coffee machine and coffee grains. Using the right type of grinder is also vital.

A compatible grinder would not over or under grind coffee beans and would maintain its flavor content at an optimum.

As discussed earlier and in previous blogs as well, freshly grounded coffee beans can refresh the coffee flavors and aroma. A grinder comparable to your automatic or semi-automatic coffee machine can retain the aromatic compounds and CO2 in coffee and can successfully retain the original taste of the coffee beans.

Get a perfect coffee brewing with the right type of grinder.

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  1. Keep machine hygienic and functional

Your commercial coffee machine can make your coffee creamer and smother. Maintain your coffee machine in healthy condition. Get regular service checks and also clear debris.

The commercial coffee machine should be properly handled by a professional barista with professional guidelines and should not be mishandled or over-used. The machine should be brought as per the cafe or restaurant’s customer load.


  1. Optimum temperature brewing

Coffee Brewing at an optimum temperature is important and critical for coffee’s taste. The associated apparatus of the coffee machine i.e. heating elements, boilers, hot plates all contribute to heating temperature.

Adjust the temperatures and do quality checks at regular intervals to make sure you serve a cup of perfect coffee.

Animo Tea Coffee Brewer With Hot Water ComBi-line

  1. Water and Milk quality

If the ingredients are good, coffee will be best.

A good quality potable water from a good source without a bad taste is recommended. However, some baristas also prefer boiling water before making coffee. On the other hand, good quality milk should be used to ensure the taste, flavors, and aroma of a coffee.

Weigh both on a scale and carefully add them according to the type of drink you wish to make. Generally, a proper filtration process is also recommended before making a coffee.

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By following these simple best practices, you can make sure your coffee brewing goes well and sit firmly on customer’s taste buds. However, above all, a decent, stylish, and competent commercial coffee machine can give you the desired coffee.

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