Your Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Espresso Machines!

To all the coffee lovers and all the coffee servers, Do you know your commercial espresso machines well?

Grydle & sync is here with all the ifs and buts of coffee machines. Let’s dive through it together.


What are Espresso Machines?

Serving specialized espresso to your customers always need a compendious understanding of coffee machines. An authentic espresso can only be produced by specialized espresso machines. With specific machinery to brew espresso using a high-pressure pump, boiler, and filters, commercial espresso machines serve the best coffee upon operation.

These machines force hot water through the finely ground coffee, create foam, and gives espresso its potent consistency.

With a sound history of innovation. Commercial espresso machines work on the fast brew method to yield characteristic espresso every time. Let’s taste the different types of coffee these machines can serve-

  • Espresso

With a perfectly thick consistency produced under high pressure, espresso is 1.5 to 2 oz by volume having a double shot of 18g of coffee powder.

The foam on top is signature crema due to supersaturation under CO2 that later releases during extraction.

  • Cappuccino

With an optimum balance of espresso and steamed milk along with milk foam, 2 oz of each component serves a tasty cappuccino in a cup. There are alternatives for having a dry cappuccino if you are a fan of foam. The dry cappuccino often swaps steamed milk for milk foam.

commercial espresso machine can do it just perfectly! Enjoy your cappuccino as you like!

  • Macchiato

Are you a thick coffee caffeine addict? If yes, the macchiato is for you.

There are variants of macchiato available. With a blob of milk foam, a shot of espresso is brewed and served in a cup. The sweetness of milk amalgamating with the aroma of coffee activates the thrust of coffee.

On the other hand, latte macchiato with equal parts of latte and milk foam served in a layered drink with an espresso shot is one of the preferred drinks.

  • Americano

Having its origin during world war II, the americano is one of the easy drinks to serve. Having no complications around the corner, this just can be made by adding hot water over-brewed espresso or vice versa.

It can be as strong and as light as you want.


  • Latte

Being the most popular coffee, Latte consists of espresso ad steamed milk with foam. Topped with latte art, this is one of the loved drinks as well.

To get an optimum cup of latte, 2 oz of the espresso is served with 10 oz of steamed milk. Serve perfection!

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  • Ristretto

This is an intense and concentrated espresso. With half liquid and finely ground coffee, a ristretto is to overcome caffeine cravings.

Even though made purely like espresso, the balance of this drink gives it its distinctive identity. A robust caffeine shot.


  • Flat White

A cappuccino sized latte, that’s a flat white coffee. 2 oz of espresso fused with 4 oz of steamed milk, get your perfect flat white.

The lack of foam justifies its name i.e., flat white and having less volume by milk gives it a perfect balance of essence coffee flavor.


  • Cortado

Feed equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk from a commercial espresso machine and get tasty cortado. It is ⅓ less liquid hence, a smaller coffee drink.

If you are a latte lover with slightly more coffee flavor, this is for you.


  • Espresso & Tonic

A proper summer amalgamation of coffee and cocktail gives refreshing espresso & tonic. If added fruity flavored coffee, the acidic flavors of fruit blends with bittersweet coffee flavors, with a squeeze of lime, gives a fancy cup of espresso & tonic.


  • Affogato 

Why only coffees, desserts too are of fun!

Affogato combines this treat for you. Espresso with a scoop of vanilla makes sit one of the best coffee deserts.

Enjoy its hot and cold, smooth and strong combo, and win your day’s blues.


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